Sandbox's story

Sandbox: noun [ C ] /ˈsænd·bɑks/ : a square area in which children can play and experiment in, filled with soft sand that cushions and prevents injuries should they fall within.

Sandbox Training Ground is started with a simple sentiment. To create a space where our students and patrons can feel safe to fall short, fail, and get back up with low to no consequences.

For all it’s charms, Singapore isn’t a nation that is particularly friendly to the fringe arts. From film stunt work to movement arts like Tricking, Parkour & Circus Arts, there hasn’t yet been a facility before that was very welcoming to the artists of these various arts. And thus, Sandbox was founded.

A shared space, an open mat, and hopefully, a home. Welcome to the family.



Sandbox features an 11 by 13 meters gymnastics sprung floor. As well as a 2.3 meters tall and 5 by 5.5 meters wide structure designed for learning parkour and stunt high falls we lovingly coined the ‘Sand Castle’. 

In this space, we provide various stunt disciplines such as; wire-works, fight choreography and action-directing. As well as other movement arts like the circus arts from the Circus Academy of Singapore, and acrobatic Tricking by The Hype Tribe among many others. 


If you are looking to develop skill and find a career within the stunt industry in Singapore’s television and film scene, you’ve come to the right place.

From fight choreography classes of a wide assortment of martial disciplines, both unarmed and with weapons, to wire-work movement classes, you are guaranteed to be well-equipped with the skills required of stunt performers and action actors.

And through our mentorship programme, you’ll get the chance to learn the skills to choreograph, coach, coordinate, and direct action short pieces, helping you to put together a reel that will help you step foot into the industry.

And should you really be interested, after a few terms of training, you’ll get the opportunity to experience professional film and television projects assisting our stunt coordinators and action director on set. And eventually, join our team of the performers, coaches, coordinators and directors. We look forward to working with you.







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