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Actors Programme


Actors’ Programme is a 3 months programme to train actors to be proficient in intermediate to advanced stunts and fight choreography. Not open to the public.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Fitness & Skill Level
  • Healthy range of motion is necessary
  • Knowledge in stunt reaction & breakfall techniques is a prerequisite
2. Currently active in an industry
  • Has to be active participant in acting industry: 
  • TV, Films, Theatre, Commercials
3. Substantial Portfolio Notability
  • Fresh graduates are not eligible, one needs to have 3 works on the level of supporting roles minimum


Open on Demand


To be confirmed for the future batches


Varies with each Actors’ Programme intake


Q1: What if I miss class?

A1: With the linear progression syllabus design, missing any classes will make it challenging to keep up. If participants have to miss class, they can convert 1x AP session into 3x Fight-Choreo sessions, despite the no-refund policy.

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