We are located at 10 Raeburn Park, #03-10, Singapore 088702.

It is 1 – 2 bus stops from Outram Park MRT, and 3 bus stops from Chinatown MRT. In the event of rainy weather, the path from the bus stop to the facility has sheltered walkways almost all the way here!

Here’s an article link we’ve prepared, complete with videos to guide you on the various public transport routes you can take to get here.

Yes you can! There are both short-term and long-term arrangements available should you wish to open classes here. Contact the director here for further inquiries!

The average person takes about 2 years to get pretty decent in the eyes of the industry in a range of different skill-sets.

But for skill-specific performances, 1 months of weekly sessions will get you up to speed in performing the specific choreography you are taught in that class at a level that is presentable on screen.

And you should know at least 3 choreography to have a minimum range of vocabulary. Hence if you want to get to a basic level as quickly as you can, 3 months of 3 times weekly would be the minimum in our opinion to start working professionally.

For safety reasons, our youth programme cuts off at 13 years old at the youngest. However, as maturity varies, if your child is receptive to instructions and able to follow safety guidelines, we welcome them.

As for the higher limits, there aren’t any. If you are of good health with no existing spinal injuries, feel free to join us. We aspire to bring out the best out of each participant at the level of performance they are capable of, and no one will be forced to do anything they aren’t comfortable with.

The Mentorship Programme is an 8 week course for people who are serious about entering the industry, not only as a performer, but as coaches, coordinators, and action directors. The programme covers not only performance, but the intricacies of how to create fight-scenes. From the choreography process, to the directing of the camera, to the editing of it. The programme also covers professional syllabuses, like high-falls, how to pull wire-works and some of the principles of the rigging. 8 sessions, once a week, 3 hours per session. The mentorship exclusive is a fast-moving crash course format recommended for participants with prior training. If you have no background, but are interested, we would recommend joining at least 2 months of our fight choreography classes before signing up for this. This programme is intended as a fast-track into a stunt career for interested parties. The top 3 candidates at the end of this programme will be offered a 2 month Traineeship as assistant coaches with us, as a probationary experience working with Sandbox to explore a possibility of long term employment, along with 2 months of all access class pass sponsorship. For the 8 weeks, the participants also gain free access to the 3 weekly fight choreography classes as well as the once a week wire work class. On top of that, the-all access pass to every open-session available. The participants are encouraged to turn up as often as they can to maximise the 8 weeks of all access, to reach the highest possible level of skill and to perform the best they can in the final practical exercise, with which the top 3 students will be selected from. So yes, the programme aims to give jobs, should the participants show the potential and the willingness to put in the work and discipline required in this line.

The recommended track is as such:

  • 4 months of Fight Choreography course
  • 2 months of Wire-work Classes
  • 2 months of Mentorship Programme

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