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Fight Choreography Season 2


What to expect?
Fight Choreography Season 2 (FCS2) consists of 8 weekly sessions. The first 6 sessions focus on learning and polishing choreography, while the last 2 are dedicated to video shoots, resulting in longer and more refined fight action video
Programme starting condition:
Minimum of 6x sign ups to begin programme

Who is it for:

Open to all experience levels. No background in martial arts is required!


2 hours per session
[A] DAREDEVIL | FRIDAY 6pm – 8pm
[B] DAREDEVIL | SAT 10am – 12nn


Price of Programme
$440 for 1 pax
Group Discount Prices*:
$800 for 2 pax (save $80)
$1200 for 3 pax (save $120)
$1472 for 4 pax (save $288)
$1840 for 5 pax (save $360)
$1920 for 6 pax (save $720)
*Group Discount is only available when it is paid together, in the full amount


– The Witcher
– Rurouni Kenshin
Missed these themes? We will bring back these classes upon request as long as the classes meet a minimum class size of 6 pax!

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